Communications Banking

Ever experienced that sinking feeling ………the emerging crisis as information gradually trickles to the senior team! One day a computer glitch but everyone assured it will be fixed over the weekend. It was not. The back up system has also failed

The senior team was faced with keeping all branches closed or finding someway of operating without any account information. A decision was made to honour all cheques and do a manual back up. The system stayed down for a week. There was no chaos, fraud or adverse press comment. Why?

The senior team firstly empowered all tellers to honour without question or reference every cheque or negotiable documents. Secondly it did several press releases fully informing the business press of the computer situations following face to face briefings of journalists. And thirdly it ran an award winning press campaign that simply yet very creatively explained how the glitch occurred as the bank introduced leading edge technology in that market. An unfortunate glitch, arguably foreseeable. However, an assured and considered thinking response gave confidence to staff, depositors and the banking authorities