Building Materials Distribution

An intriguing and very exciting assignment. Here the organisation had a history, similar to many of its competitors, of growth through acquisition. It had become very adept at integrating many businesses over the last ten years and grown by a factor of nearly five!

Such growth inevitably has issues and problems in its wake. Although the company name moves forward with each acquisition, the culture can become diluted or no longer quite as relevant as it reaches new markets in terms of segments or geography. There comes a time to redefine and revitalise the ‘way we do things around here’.

This was compounded by the requirements of its parent to demonstrate its ability to grow organically. It wanted to see the senior team markedly uplift asset utilisation in terms of its bricks and mortar; its people; its relationship with suppliers; existing and new customer groups as well as leveraging its whole distribution chain. It needed to accelerate top line revenue whilst effectively manage margins

With this assignment, now entering its third year, we have facilitated the determination of ‘Our Values’, helped shape performance standards and processes and provided in depth support to the senior management team and other colleagues taking this leading firm through a key period of transition.
Progressively, internal service delivery has improved. Progressively the high ground of service is being secured in terms of marketplace performance. Progressively, operational excellence is materialising.