Cancer Charity

A medium sized charity offering a vital and much needed service to cancer sufferers was in financial difficulty. It would be unable to continue by the year end if they could not find serious sums of money. Historically, taking their lead from the NHS, they had given their service for free and relied upon a few generous wealthy benefactors for their income.

With the help of one of our team the organisation set up a small fundraising department and focussed their attention on a private appeal, using their many contacts in both the corporate sector and the community to raise a much needed £500,000 in just 6 months.

However, to sustain this turnaround, they needed to market their services professionally by attracting new customers and charging those people who could afford to pay. To do this they totally revitalised their corporate identity and repositioned the charity, opening it up to a wider market.

They eventually struck an acceptable balance between selling their core service and fundraising to the great relief of the caring staff and their patients.