Marketing Management

An organisation faced a step change in its relatively high tech sector. Its product and service range was being rapidly revised by R&D almost without reference to the markets it hoped to serve. The situation was made more complex by the fact it had been dominant in two markets, the UK and North America, in certain industry sectors.

It now sought to become global despite its whole product offering being geared to its historical playground. A global market where there are players a hundred times its size with much greater reach in terms of marketing and relationships.

It also intended to move away from its recognised excellence into a more fuzzy and less clearly defined space. To compound things the product lines emerging required EMEAP to establish itself in the SME sectors, very much uncharted territory

Internally, there was a major disconnect between head office, located in North America, and EMEAP centred in Europe. The European organisation was a legacy of a past, now large unwieldy and desperately needing focus. Despite is extensive geographic remit it was nearly totally dependent on major corporate revenues out of the UK.

Interesting situation to come in on! Aside from stabilising the marketing function there was a need to develop strategic options before developing a marketing plan

Should EMEAP focus on a few select countries along with the UK?

Should it purely focus on the UK where it had some brand presence and channels albeit under developed to enter SME space?

Should it configure itself as an opportunistic jobber bidding from tenders that emerged especially in the less developed areas?

Should it maintain its positioning in its historic space as many of the competitors had abandoned?

Should it become an OEM supplier to the major players using their undoubted marketing muscle and relationships?

Should marketing be left essentially to head office and EMEAP focus purely on key account management?