David has been in business consultancy many years advising leading organisations on a wide range of issues in both the public and private sectors. Not afraid to be "hands-on", his broad experience base and insight have proved time and again to be of immense value to many SME’s in tackling thorny issues and problems requiring sensitivity.

His pragmatic and empathetic approach means he can work comfortably in a wide range of sectors at both strategic and operational levels. Some brief examples are:

A major financial institution, with an extensive regional branch network, asked David to be their Marketing and Sales Manager for eight months. The role here was to uplift customer service delivery and generate incremental revenue from target segments

A well known Contract Services organisation made considerable use of David’s expertise to help it to develop a pan European Marketing Strategy. This strategy improved customer profitability by widening the range of services delivered to target segments. Making this strategy happen involved considered and well timed advice and support to the company’s Country Managers

At a more local level, David has in-depth experience and a sound understanding of the franchising sectors. He has developed an easily transferable model as to what makes a successful franchise and the issues of how to effectively manage localised marketing.