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Effective and creative communication is not an option.It is a must.

If you examine the records of companies that have gone bankrupt the reason rarely lies in the soundness of their ideas or their financial management. All too often it was their failure to effectively and imaginatively communicate to customers and markets that they had need of their products and services.

Consumers buy subjectively through a collection of impressions -how something looks and matches up to our perceptions, beliefs and desires.

Graphic design starts with the marketplace and the ability to understand its dynamics. How is a company currently positioned against its competitors? What needs to be done to make it different and better than those competitors?

At Marketing Matters Europe we believe the solution goes deeper. An organisation needs Values. These must be wanted and desired by the marketplace to support the tangible product service offer. It involves how a company behaves, the attitude it displays and how this is translated into a desirable corporate image. The Identity that says "we are easy to do business with".

Marketing Matters Europe takes you through this process and will help better align your visual identity in terms of your master brand. We will not only work on getting the internal culture right but also ensure crisp and creative external communication of that culture. This ranges from the basic identity across literature and stationery through to the design of your website.