Access to higher level expertise can be very costly. If you are a low turnover company you cannot afford and probably don’t need a full-time Marketing or Sales Director.

Your excellence is in your profession and you are very good at it. You are probably a law practice, accountancy firm or engineering consultancy. You may have expertise in issues of marketplace performance but these are often dealt with in passing! You know you could do it better if you had access to an expertise equal to your own professional expertise.

The major consultancy groups or marketing service companies are "jobbers". They do not address the real day to day issues of marketing and sales management. Lonely isn’t it?

We offer a very unique solution.

We can give you ease of access to the right expertise often at a significantly lower cost of employing a full-time in-house expert. At Marketing Matters Europe we enjoy the line role and welcome getting involved and working "hands-on".

Short or long term, full-time or part-time, in partnership with you we can actively manage your marketplace performance.

You remain in control and have immediate ongoing access to blue chip expertise.

Neat and very cost effective!