During the last ten to fifteen years a growing number of organisations have recognised the value of the Interim Manager

As companies develop and evolve new situations confront them requiring different skills and knowledge sets. To hire a long term resource to address what is perhaps a short term issue makes little sense.

In addition companies are often faced with recruitment difficulties or permanent staff availability. Organisational gaps are dangerous and weaken the effectiveness of corporate and divisional teams.

A well selected Interim Manager can give access to expertise in a very cost effective way and you only keep them for as long as you need them and with no severance costs.

Our people at Marketing Matters Europe have assisted several organisations to bridge some of these issues through the use of Interim Mangers. They thrive on the urgency demanded by interim assignments.

We specialise in General Management and Marketing and Sales management issues. We have access to a wide range of expertise in these pivotal roles.

We have demonstrated our ability to move with ease across several industry sectors in applying our functional expertise and disciplines.

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