After a decade running her own restaurant in Ludlow, Penny realised that her success lay not in her culinary skills but in her commercial awareness and business flair.

Furthermore, this was the part that gave her the buzz.
So many of her satisfied customers assumed that she must have a love of cooking and food but what she loved was the ‘heat of the kitchen’ and being at the sharp end bringing a project that she created and managed to a successful conclusion.

With this realisation Penny got out of the kitchen and took her considerable skills into other sectors where she has continued consistently to make things happen.

She will be the first to admit that her style was not schooled in an orthodox way. She doesn’t offer an MBA, but the skills of learning through ‘just doing it’.

Most recently Penny has been working in the charity sector where her business development skills have inspired caring but financially impoverished charities to make both money and critical step changes.