Excellence in internal service delivery is vital. The frontline customer-facing staff can only deliver and meet the needs of hard won customers if the whole organisation supports their efforts.

All too frequently we come across a serious misalignment in terms of internal service delivery and marketplace requirements. The causes go beyond training and establishment of performance standards.

The heart of an organisation is its values, beliefs, behaviours and attitudes; or it would perhaps be more correct to say the absence of clarity associated with such values and beliefs This permeates through the whole organisation and the image presented to the outside world is one of inconsistency, poor communication and ambiguity as to what an organisation is or delivers.

Are you able to consistently deliver?

During the last decade our people in Marketing Matters Europe have helped a range of organisations to address these issues of marketplace performance.
Our approach is very much "outside-in". We examine the needs of the chosen market segments and test the intended strategy against actual competency and capability.

With some organisations we have supported them in developing a sound set of Values. These Values are common. They are shared between employees and seen as meaningful and relevant to the markets served. We help fashion and develop "The way we do things around here…..………… making us different and better".

Elsewhere, "Our Values" are in place and we work with you further downstream. This may involve establishing performance standards, recruitment, training and development programmes. Alternatively, we can introduce processes that help clarify the needs and expectations of internal customers and suppliers by using an imaginative application of Service Level Agreements.

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